“Stuffed (Chocolate-Chili) Pepper” Cupcakes

Gluten Free Chocolate-Chili Cupcakes

In 1970, Kermit the Frog delivered the famous phrase, “it’s not easy being green.” In 2012, we can deliver that same message, but with one slight alteration: “it’s not easy being gluten-free.” Gluten-free folks are a lot like Kermit in that they often feel frustrated with their lives, wishing that their situation were different. But green isn’t so bad, and neither is gluten-free.  A life without gluten can be just as delicious and just as (if not more so) enjoyable as a life abundant in wheat. All you need is the knowledge and resources to realize this; and that’s where Stuffed Pepper comes in.

Founded in 2011, Stuffed Pepper is an online gluten-free community of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Whether a newbie or an old pro, all gluten-free followers can benefit from the website’s vast array of information including delicious recipes, helpful restaurant reviews, informative articles, useful forums, and more. It is a place where friends and experts can gather, share, and learn together; a community that proves to us that yes, it is easy being gluten-free!

Gluten Free Chocolate-Chili Cupcakes

As one of the founding “star chefs,” I have seen Stuffed Pepper grow from its infancy to its current maturity, and I have witnessed first hand how valuable the resource is; you can learn about everything from how to cook with certain oils to how to avoid even the sneakiest sources of gluten. Stuffed Pepper is already a wonderful website, but it is looking to become an even greater one. The ultimate goal is to provide a site with easier navigation, greater member rewards, and even more useful tools. All for you! But this can’t happen without a little bit of help.

With just a small amount of generosity, the ultimate gift will be yours: an absolutely amazing gluten-free resource! And to show you how grateful the community is for your support, your pledge will be rewarded with various gifts of thanks such as recipe cards, flour blends, cookbooks, and free dinners! Want more information? Head over to Stuffed Pepper’s Fundable website to check out the amazing gifts and to learn even more about the community and the planned improvements. A special thanks to everyone who can so generously contribute!

Gluten Free Chocolate-Chili Cupcakes

Now, what’s all this about cupcakes? Well, as it turns out, this month marks the one-year anniversary of Stuffed Pepper. And so I wanted to make something unique and special to honor this great site: “Stuffed (Chocolate-Chili) Pepper” Cupcakes! And these certainly are unique and especially tasty cupcakes! Moist chocolate cake is heated up with two types of chili pepper, filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache, and topped off with a creamy spiced-chocolate buttercream. Sound a bit strange? Well, like sweet and sour, chocolate and chili are two flavors that actually combine so perfectly despite their seemingly opposite characteristics.  Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself! You’ll be amazed by the result.

Gluten Free Chocolate-Chili Cupcakes

Head on over to Stuffed Pepper, where you can find this and many, many other incredibly delicious recipes! Happy baking!

2 thoughts on ““Stuffed (Chocolate-Chili) Pepper” Cupcakes

    • Jenny, I’ve always been a bit hesitant of chili chocolate as well, but these cupcakes have convinced me otherwise! A subtle amount of heat is actually a great accent to dark chocolate. And I think all my test-tasters would agree (these cupcakes barely lasted 2 days in my apartment)!

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