Bourbon Pumpkin Pie

There’s no reason pumpkin pie can only be enjoyed at Thanksgiving. Personally, I love pumpkin in every season, 365 days year-round. But it’s true that there is something especially comforting about pumpkin in the cold weather months. And if you have some extra purée from your holiday prep or fall harvest, these Bourbon Pumpkin Pies […]

Banana Maple Walnut Scones

March is National Nutrition Month, and I think it’s time to correct a common misconception. Many people believe that a nutritious diet is a restrictive one – that in order to qualify as “healthy” you have to completely cut out this food or that nutrient. But a healthy diet needs to be a realistic one. […]

Pumpkin Goat Cheese Cheesecakes with Maple Whipped Cream

What are you thankful for this year? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I want to make sure that each and every one of you can be thankful for a delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving meal. Between the breads and the sweets, the holiday season can certainly be a challenging time for gluten-free navigation. But knowing exactly […]