Mini Irish Soda Breads

Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread

St. Patrick’s Day may have passed, and winter departed – but rainy days of self-isolation had me craving the cold-day comfort of an Irish Soda Bread. After all, you can’t get more homey than a hearty bread fresh from the oven. Continue reading

Lazy Everything Bagels

Gluten-Free Everything Bagels

There’s nothing quite like freshly baked bread. But bread making is a complex and often time-consuming task, especially when you add in the extra difficulty of making it gluten-free. That’s why I stopped in my tracks when I found a bagel recipe that used no yeast, proofing time, or water bath. It was an intriguing concept. But could this process really work? Continue reading

Lemon Blueberry Scones

IMG_3962Sun’s up, scones out! Summertime is officially here, which means dining al fresco, barbecuing out back, picnicking in parks, and – if you want to be extra fancy – a little tea-timing on the lawn. Just consider: a lush backyard, blue sky, ice tea, and these lemon blueberry beauts. At least, that was my summertime desire after plowing through a solid 40 episodes of The Great British Baking Show in a matter of weeks (no shame!). And thus, this recipe was born. Continue reading

Herb Focaccia

IMG_3581Focaccia is a favorite bread of mine. Whether used as a soup accompaniment or sandwich base, this rustic-looking flatbread easily elevates any meal from basic to sophisticated. And for the baker, it has excellent versatility. Once you have a good focaccia base, you can adapt it in a million ways. Try it with the traditional olive-oil-and-herb topping, or attempt a more elaborate take with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, cheese, or even roasted grapes. Either way, it’s a bread that’s truly great. Continue reading

Apple Walnut Oat Bread + A Guide to Baking Apples

Gluten-Free Apple Walnut Oat BreadOpinions on the pumpkin spice craze. Go.

Now, I’m a major pumpkin fan. Whether in latte or pancake form, I enjoy indulging in the many spicy, pumpkin-y creations of fall. But to me, there’s an even more important – and oft forgotten – autumnal debut: the apple.

True, apples exist year-round. So what makes them so special now? The fact is, the apples you see in stores throughout the year – the traditional Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Gala – represent only a small fraction of an extensive apple family. And when fall rolls around, the apple varieties rarely seen in other months come to us in full, flavorful force. Continue reading

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